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Find yourself in need of getting an important document translated in a hurry? You've come to the right place.

GCT specializes in certified legal translations of documents, whether it is an OFAC financial statement, Plea agreement, Indictment or even something as simple as a driver's license or marriage certificate. Also, our creative unit renders translations of theatrical manuscripts, subtitling and provides one on one accent reduction and public speaking coaching in your target language. Are you a little shy about speaking publicly in Spanish or English?

I can help you deliver a brilliant, polished and personable speech that lands and reaches your audience.

The Art of Translation

Words are powerful and Georgina is passionate about finding just exactly the truest essence and rendition of the message. I draw on my experience as an interpreter/ translator and also from my conservatory training as an actor where, I was taught to tell a story that packs a punch. The creative instinct of the translator is as much based on resourcefulness as it in on talent and an inner natural, native knowing that doesn't require research. We often use words that do not exist in the dictionary that are particular in different regions of the world. Regionalisms and industries each with it's own terminology, there is the ever evolving slang, formulaic legalese, drug and gang codes respective to region, the registers of speech - elevated text and rural indigenous communication make for rich and dynamic resources. Exposure to the particular vernacular is gained for the most part from being in the trenches, and thankfully with several specialized glossaries, we render an accurate rendition of the speaker's statement from one language into another, which is an extraordinary responsibility. A free favorite translation app may come close to what you wish to say, but why take a chance in making an outrageously laughable and embarrassing mistake? My travels and many face to face meetings over the past 10 years has lead me to come across many current cultural expressions. You can trust that I am up to date on the vernacular usage around the globe.

Discover Nuance from complexity

Words matter. I don't know about you, sometimes I need to read my utility bill three times to understand what it means? And, that's in a language that you understand, now Imagine having to translate it? Legal terminology is a language in and of itself. For that matter, so is the language of just about every trade.

WTry as hard as you may, it is not as simple as plugging text into a translation app. In addition, if what you need is a document to present for a legal matter, you are required to have a document translated by a certified linguist, meaning, someone with metrics, who has tested and been approved to provide this service. doesn't Be prepared and present your best case by providing documents that are accurate and polished. If you want the best result in your case, seek a qualified professional to translate the supporting documents of your case. This is putting your best foot forward. At the end you get what you pay for. Georgina has sat through many immigration trials and federal proffers and knows what prosecutors; judges and defense attorneys look for in the translation of documents. No document is too difficult or lengthy for us. We deliver translations of very difficult materials in it's original register. Once we were called upon to translate Colombian affidavits from the six family members of a defendant in a narcotics trafficking federal case. They were heartfelt and compelling letters as you would imagine. We are resourceful and equipped to translate the terms and conditions of plea agreements and compelling, and referenced sentencing memos, as well as complete indictments.


"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Be next to establish business in Cuba. This museum country, recently off limits to tourism and business around the world is now on a fast track toward opening up. Are you ready?

You don't speak Spanish or English? No problem. Let me help you establish your business relationships. Do you need financial, legal or real estate document translated, such as to be removed from the OFAC list? Are you a a business owner looking to expand your scope? A creative group seeking a letter of invitation to perform there? I can help you with your certified translations.

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  • Testimonial

    I refused to work with any other interpreter...The depth of her knowledge, her extensive experience, her extraordinary people skills all combine to make Georgina the very best there is!

    Bonnie S. Klapper

  • Testimonial

    ...professionally she is simply top-notch. She understands idiomatic and slang expressions. Georgina has an innate ability to give you a sense of what is actually being said and what a person, at times, is actually thinking.

    Romedio Viola
    Federal Special Agent

  • Testimonial

    Her work immediately stands out as exceptional... Her skills include fluency in various dialects of Spanish and a depth of interest in the accuracy of her work that is second to none.

    Mark Cohen

  • Testimonial

    Georgina has assisted members of my team in over 40 meetings with numerous cooperating witnesses in fact finding and preparation for trials. Her experience has helped us translate correctly what occurred and presentation of events to the court.

    Mark Roman
    DEA Special Agent

Georgina Corbo

Georgina Corbo

Born in Cuba and raised in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen, not far from the United Nations. She is a graduate of New York City's High school of Performing Arts where she studied acting at SUNY, Purchase, where she won the Harry Belafonte Scholarship for the Arts.

Georgina is an international bi-lingual talent with a list of on-camera, radio, voice-over and sub-titling credits. She is also an interpreter, translator and transcriber. As an actress, Georgina has performed internationally. She started her career as a linguist at ABC's World News covering the Elián González affair, transcribing and voicing Cuban news segments for the network.

Later, Georgina began working with the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, IRS, and other agencies helping the US Federal Prosecutors with all of their high profile linguistics and translation matters on their international narcotics and money laundering ases.

Georgina's mission is to provide the highest quality, personalized service to her clients addressing their individual and unique needs.

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