Immigration Determination Tool (IDT)

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The Immigration Determination Tool addresses short-term business trips. Long-term, more permanent circumstances (e.g. International Assignment) are supported through the mobility process. Access to and use of this Immigration Determination Tool is limited to authorized IBM regular employees only. Contractors are not authorized to use this tool and should refer to their main employer for travel and immigration advice.


Use of the Immigration Determination Tool (IDT) has been provided to you as a courtesy of IBM Global Mobility to help you determine the correct immigration category. There will be no individual cost associated with the use of the tool which will provide an assessment on immigration requirements for your travel.

Additional costs may arise if supplemental services are required such as for obtaining a visa or work permit, or requesting an individualized immigration assessment (complex enquiry).

  • Charges will be billed to your corporate credit card for these services. These costs can be reimbursed via WWERS (World Wide Expense Reimbursement System) or your local process.
  • A fee may be incurred in the event the matter is cancelled or terminated prior to finalization.
  • Please note that disbursements are generally not included in the estimate and can vary based on requirements.
  • Any of the costs above are incurred from the assessment result page, once you complete and submit a form or engage services with the supplier.

Types of costs:

Individualized Assessment/Complex Enquiry: Charges for Fragomen services are $250 and will be charged to your corporate credit card.

Business Visa: Charges vary by country. Your service provider of choice should provide you with a cost estimate and payment method.

Work Permit: Charges vary by country and will be billed to your corporate credit card. Fragomen will provide you with a cost estimate once you initiate services and will start services upon cost approval.

Letter Banded

Letter banded executives benefit from a streamlined process ONLY if traveling on regular business or non pre-assignment trips. If this is the case, the "Letter Banded Executive" job category should be selected in the assessment process (per the instructions below).

For letter banded executive travel up to 14 days, please start your assessment here.

For letter banded executive travel over 14 days, please begin your assessment, accept the Terms & Conditions on the next page and proceed immediately to the Complex Enquiry Center (CEC) at the bottom of the page. Please ensure that you include "Letter Banded Executive" in the "Project Name" field.

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